NVOCC business

NVOCC is also called non vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC). It usually refers to a person who does not own a ship but provides maritime transport services for others and completes the carriage of goods by sea through a vessel carrier. NVOCC is accompanied by container transportation. Its main bodies mainly include freight forwarders, NVOCC and Charterers. When these main bodies act as carriers, ocean carriers, forward carriers in combined transport, onward carriers or ship owners are the actual carriers.

In China's maritime regulations, the NVOCC is called the NVOCC business operator, which refers to the person who accepts the shipper's cargo as a carrier, issues his own bill of lading or other transport documents, collects freight from the shipper, completes the international carriage of goods by sea through the international ship transport operator, and assumes the carrier's responsibility.

At present, the carrier is generally defined as "the person who concludes the contract of carriage with the consignor or the person who actually completes the carriage". When an international freight forwarder enters the field of transport and carries out single mode transport or multimodal transport business, it has become a carrier because it concludes a transport contract with the principal and issues transport documents (FCT, FBL, etc.) and is responsible for the transport. However, since they generally do not own or master the means of transport, they can only complete the transport by entering into a transport contract with the carrier who owns the means of transport. Such a carrier is generally called a NVOCC. NVOCC is only a contract carrier in the actual business, and the carrier who actually completes the transportation is the actual carrier.

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