Sea transport

Maritime transport is realized by the practice of maritime activities, which are based on shipbuilding, maritime technology and skilled seafarers. Shipbuilding industry is a comprehensive industry. Its development can drive the development of iron and steel industry, marine equipment industry and electronic instrument industry, and promote the improvement of the industrial structure of the whole country. China has gradually become a ship exporting country from the original ship importing country in recent years, and is becoming a big ship exporting country. Due to the continuous development of China's navigation technology, the overseas labor service of seafarers has attracted the attention of countries all over the world. With the development of marine transportation industry, China's ocean shipping fleet has entered the top 10 in the world, which provides conditions for large-scale ship breaking industry in the future. It not only provides cheap raw materials, saves energy and the consumption of imported ores for China's steel mills, but also exports scrap steel for export. It can be seen that the development of marine transportation industry can not only improve the national industrial structure, but also improve the commodity structure in international trade.


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