Coil steel

The loading and stowage of coil steel shall be stacked at the bottom of cargo hold (hard bottom), and the cargo hold shall be stacked layer by layer from one side to the other. The axis of steel coil shall be the same as that of the first line of the ship (if the workers are lack of operation experience, provide about 30m nylon rope and draw lines for loading, which is neat and can accurately control the storage capacity. Pay attention to control the row spacing. If it is too close to bind, it will cause difficulty in unloading), and stack them close to each other and side by side. Generally, coil steel can be stacked three layers high (beware of thin coil (thickness < 0.6mm), color coated coil, which can not be stacked three layers high, or even two layers are in danger of cargo damage), depending on the strength of the cabin floor. According to the calculation of total load and local load of bilge area, overload stowage is not allowed. If a coil cannot be put down in the middle of the bottom layer, a locking coil/key coil shall be placed above it for fixation. When the volume and weight of the loaded coil steel are different, special attention shall be paid to the principle of "big at the top, small at the top, heavy at the bottom and light at the top" during loading.   20.JPG


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