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Qingdao Eversail Intertrans Co.,Ltd. is a first-class freight forwarding company with independent legal personality. It is a professional transportation company engaged in international freight forwarding business and logistics services.

The company mainly undertakes the international transportation agency business and NVOCC business of sea, land and air import and export goods, including cargo solicitation, chartering, space booking, warehousing, transit, container consolidation / loading / unpacking, settlement of freight and miscellaneous charges, customs declaration, inspection application, insurance, related short-distance transportation business and consulting services; Self support and agency import and export business within the scope of license.

Qingdao Eversail Intertrans Co.,Ltd. is equipped with advanced and perfect freight operation facilities and service network, with first-class professional and technical personnel. The agency network covers nearly 100 countries and regions. It can undertake the transportation of equipment for large-scale investment projects at home and abroad, and provide comprehensive and high-quality transportation services.

Tian Guangbo Tel.: 0532-85869661

QQ:531594406   Email: leo@eversail -qd. com     Address: 904, block B, Qingdao World Trade Center, No. 6, Hong Kong Middle Road, Shinan District, Qingdao

Guo Cui Tel.: 0532-85869668 QQ:274936518   Email: julia@eversail -qd. com